Comprehensive guide to Berlin Germany with information on Emergencies.

Health Insurance
Alternative therapies

24/7 Doctor: 31 00 31

Alcoholics Anonymous: 787 51 88

Tape-recorded message in English.

American Hotline: 0177 814 1510

Ambulance: 112

This connects you to the Fire Dept, who will send out an abulance. This number should only be used in cases of acute or life threatening illness or injury.

Emergency Dental: 89 00 43 33

The service provides the numbers of dentists on call. They can generally speak passable English. They will arrange a time to meet in their office. Times are typically as follows: 19:00-8:00, weekends and holidays from 10:00-12:00 and 16:00-18:00; Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 16:00-18:00.

Emergency Doctor: 31 00 31; 19720

24-hours, 7 days a week house visits! They speak English
A Service of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians

Emergency Medications: 01189

Medications are available 24-hours a day through the emergency pharmacy service. Each pharmacy publishes a list of the after-hours pharmacies in your district. The free district weekly papers publish the same list.

After-hours pharmacies are locked. Ring the bell. You will have to wait on the sidewalk while they fill the prescription. The service costs a bit extra, but can be billed. Or in more serious cases, have it delivered.

International Emergency Hotline: 31003-222, -243

Berlin city service connecting internationals with doctors of the respective languages: English, French, Turkish, Russian, Italian and many others. The American Women's Club in Berlin report there are more than 700 foreign doctors in Berlin.

They need the following information:
- Name
- Telephone where they can reach you
- Exact Address: district, street, number, floor
- Age of victim
- Description of symptoms and accident

Poison Control: 19240
(Beratungsstelle für Vergiftungserscheinungen)

Pulsstasse 3-7,

24-hour service!

Police: 110

Helpline - International Helppoint

030-44 01 06 07 - daily from 6 pm til midnight
Every evening the Berlin TelefonSeelsorge operates a crisis hotline staffed by trained English-speaking volunteers (many of whom are native speakers).
Apart from lending a sympathetic ear - giving you time to talk about whatever is bothering you - they also offer advice on psychological or personal problems, recommend specialists for solving concrete problems, help find an English-speaking doctor, or help solve family conflicts.
Everything is confidential and you may remain anonymous.
Their service is free of charge except for the rate of a local phone call.

TelefonSeelsorge is a non-profit organisation relying on public funding and the work of trained volunteers.

The German language service is operated 24 hours a day on a free-phone-number:
0800 -111 0 222.
A Russian language service is also available round the clock: 030 - 44 01 06 06.

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