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Berlin  by Giles MacDonogh
A fascinating study of the history, sociology, architecture, food, crime, and theater of one of Europe's most intriguing cities--on the eve of its return as the capital of the Unified Germany. Includes two 8-page photo inserts. 
Berlin and Its Culture : A Historical Portrait  by Ronald Taylor
What is the culture of a city? Is it the corporate personality, the politics of the founders, the undertaking of its artists and visionaries? Berlin and Its Culture surveys all these arenas, paying particular attention to the writers, philosophers, actors, and later, interior designers and filmmakers. In relating the lives and accomplishments of its inhabitants, Ronald Taylor maps the social patterns of the city in fascinating detail. 
Faust's Metropolis : A History of Berlin  by Alexandra Richie
An ambitious undertaking, Faust's Metropolis : A History of Berlin aims to chronicle the history of Germany through the microcosm of its most dramatic city. Alexandra Richie's thousand page tome spans from the time of Nero to Helmut Kohl. It is an encyclopedic description of the Schicksal Stadt Deutschlands--the City of German Destiny--filled with the politics of rulers and the ideology of artists. 
The Ghosts of Berlin  by Brian Ladd
In this compelling work, Brian Ladd examines the ongoing conflicts radiating from the remarkable fusion of architecture, history, and national identity in Berlin. Ladd surveys the urban landscape, excavating its ruins, contemplating its buildings and memorials, and carefully deconstructing the public debates and political controversies emerging from its past. 
Little-Known Museums in and Around Berlin  by Rachel Kaplan
A fascinating guide for those who want to get beyond the surface of Berlin's culture and history. From the Botanical Museum to the Museum of Musical Instruments, Kaplan offers detailed descriptions and photos of the museums other guide don't even mention. 
Lonely Planet Berlin by Andrea Schulte-Peevers and David Peevers
A reliable source of information from a well-informed subjective angle. Ideal if you want an idea of the atmosphere of the city although possibly a little light in the night-life section. With helpul advice on all topics from laundry to legal advice and insightful suggestions for things to see and do, it will help you make the most of your visit to Berlin. And if the city is not to your liking, there is even a section on day-trip destinations outside Berlin. 
Rough Guide Berlin by John Gawthorp and Jack Holland
Packed with information about the city and its history, this guide is great if you want to see past the flashing lights and kebap wrappers. In-depth descriptions of every part of the city and an interesting overview of its historical framework give you an idea of why the city is how it is. Divided into user-friendly sections but sadly lacking any photos or helpful maps, this guide will prepare you for a good day's sight-seeing. 
Time Out Berlin
Even as a seasoned Berliner there's no shame in carrying Time Out around with you. Written by local journalists it makes a colourful and critical companion for visitors to the city. Very good on nightlife, culture and historical context - look to another guide if your interest is in sightseeing, architecture or historical detail. For up to date information take a look at the Time Out web site

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