Film & Theatre

Here you will find information about Berlin's theatre and cinema culture, with a specific focus on international and English-language showings.

Needless to say, Berlin is world famous for its film and theatre history. From its hey-day during the raucous Weimar Republic days in the 1920s, producing such mega hits of cinema history like Nosferatu (1922, F.W. Murnau) and Metropolis (1922, Fritz Lang), all the way to its current status as film festival capital of Europe, third behind Cannes and Venice.

As for theatre, Berlin arguably peaked with the work of Bertolt Brecht and has declined slowly ever since. The Dreigroschenoper (Three Penny Opera, 1928) became one of his most famous pieces before beginning his highly politicized Communist theatre. He founded Berlin's and one of Germany's most famous theatre companies, the Berliner Ensemble, in 1949 after returning to Berlin after 15 years in exile in Finland, Russia, USA and Switzerland. The BE as it is now known, still produces impressive theatre from the old building at Friedrichstrasse. Other big, fun and controversial names in Berlin are the directors Frank Castorf at the Volksbühne and Christoph Schlingensief.

And there is even quite a nice offering of good to very good English-language theatre.

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