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Across the Spree River from Kreuzberg and also across the remains of the Wall you'll find Friedrichshain, home to a small but dynamic gay scene. Walking around here you get a mixture of feelings. The ghosts of Berlin's past mingle with a strong surge of hope for the future. Abandoned warehouses and railyards along Mühlenstrasse have been converted into enormous nightclubs. At Mühlenstrasse 11/12 is Die Busche, Berlin's largest gay and lesbian disco. It's very popular with tourists, especially Germans on a visit to their capital. The crowd is mixed, the music is quite standard but never disappointing and there's a lively and festive atmosphere. A bit further down the street and down a long entranceway is Ostgut , the palace of hard-edge Berlin. The interior is minimal and industrial, focusing on pure sound rather than frivolities. Here is where to hear true Berlin Techno. Saturday nights are always a highlight, but also watch out for spontaneous parties such as the Dance with the Aliens strictly gay and lesbian nights or the Snax Club leather, uniform and fetish parties. Arrive late, as things get really going at about 2am and the beats don´t stop pounding until at least 9.

Schreinerstraße 5, 10247 Berlin - Friedrichshain | Tel: 426 09 30 , Fax: no fax | U5 Samariterstraße | Times: 10:00 - 4:00 am
The Offenbar is a hip, slightly dark bar with its own scene. The crowd is a mixture between young-hip-gay-east and an eclectic (including average) group of people. The bar has a hint of seventies flair and isn´t too trendy. A great place for an afternoon Latte. And the Brazilian bar keeper is really nice. They also serve a nice brunch on Sundays.

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