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The first piece of documentation you need when living in Germany is a proof of residence form. This can be obtained at your local Residents' Registration Office or "Landeseinwohnermeldeamt" (LEA).Anmeldeformular in English

Click here for an online version of the registration form with English commentary. You will still need to fill out an original, but hopefully you will be able to understand it with the help of our commentary.

Useful German words for registration:

Landeseinwohnermeldeamt (LEA) - Residence registration authority
Meldestelle - local registration office
Anmeldung - Registration Anmeldeformular - registration form
Mietvertrag - rent agreement

When do you have to register?

According to German law, you have to register with the Meldestelle within 7 days after your arrival.

Where to register?

To find out where to register and the opening hours go to

Click on the suburb (Bezirk) of Berlin where you live and the programme will give you the address of the LEA at which you need to register.

What do you need to take with you?

  • Rent agreement
  • Passport

    Can you make an appointment?

    "Yes - in principle you can" say the authorities.

    How long does it take?

    When you arrive at the registration office, pull a number and wait. Take "War and Peace" with you if you live in a highly-populated district and do not like getting up at the crack of dawn!

    What do you get at the end?

    A document which proves that you are registered at your new address. Look after it because you will need this piece of paper again and again as you start to open bank accounts, join libraries etc.

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