Comprehensive guide to Berlin Germany with information on Coffee & Dessert.

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Berlin has a coffee-house culture to match that of any European city. Coffee & Cake (Kaffee & Kuchen) is a German institution and you will find that most cafes also have a fine range of freshly made cakes.

Coffee connoisseurs will most likely find German coffee thinner and bitterer than its Italian counterparts. This is due to the lower percentage of arabica beans used in the typical German blend.

If you order a coffee (Kaffee) you will get a long black coffee with a small packet of whitener on the saucer. This will not be enough cream for your average American or English coffee drinker. If you like your coffee really white then you should ask for a Milchkaffee, though this is something of a speciality which may not be offered in your more run of the mill establishments.

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