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Have you ever encountered a situation wherein you are trying to find the next decent club/bar/gallery and you can not manage to find anybody who responds to you in English?
Firstly, do NOT appear like you are trying to sell something and speaking English is the new "in" marketing trick. Obviously, be polite. Reportedly the best trick, though, is to learn three to four German bits and pieces, mispronounce them amd therby get people's attention. After they hear how badly the German language can be mangled, they'll be more than happy to speak English. Ultimately, every single German learns English at school - and they spend years there learning how to give directions!
If, however, you want to make the effort and learn proper German (nothing is better than a correct German sentence with a slight English or American Accent!) - go for it! There are numerous ways to go about this, including pricy schools and beer-drinking germans around the kebap shops.

The Goethe-Institute (Goethe-Institut Berlin)
Neue Schönhauser Str. 20, 10178 Berlin - Mitte | Tel: 259 063, Fax: 259 06 400 | S-Bahn Hackescher Markt | Times: (Info) Mon-Thurs 8.30-18.00 Fri 8.30-17.00
The Goethe Institute is at the head of its field. As the official German Cultural Center it boasts a total of over 150 worldwide institutes. A highly respected institute of learning, its services don´t come cheap. It does, however, offer an unparalleled array of different courses to suit your every possible need. In addition to the language classes in business or day-to-day German, the institute holds workshops and seminars to bring you up to date with political, social and cultural goings-on in Germany

Berlitz Language Schools
Kurfürstendamm 74, 10709 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 32 39 047 , Fax: 32 41 045 | U 15 Uhland Str. | Also at: Leopoldcenter, Müllerstraße 153, 13353 Berlin | Tel: 4651011 Fax: 4651010 | Transport: U6, U9 Leopoldplatz || IHZ, Friedrichstraße 95, Mitte, 10117 Berlin | Tel: 2042124 Fax: 2042126 | Transport: S + U Friedrichstraße, Tram 1, 50. |
This US based global school prides itself on its own communication-based style of teaching languages, "The Berlitz Method". They offer a wide range of language classes, orientation courses for lost foreigners, and even internet-based online language courses.

Tandem Berlin e.V.
Lychener Str. 7, 10437 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg | Tel: 441 30 03, Fax: 441 53 05 | U2 Eberswalder Str. , Tram 13, 50, 53, 20 | Times : (Office) Mon-Fri 11.00-14.00 16.00-19.00 (except Fri afternoons)
This small and friendly language school is part of a 30 school worldwide network called Tandem Link and has a relatively laid back atmosphere. It offers various styles and lengths of course, from intensive summer courses to relaxed coffee mornings. If you are planning to stay in Berlin for some time and are without work, it is possible to take advantage of 10 week E.U. subsidised courses. For only 390 can you enjoy 150 teaching hours but remember you may also have to enjoy sharing them with up to 15 other people. In the classroom, more emphasis is put on speaking and communication than on grammar, and so a relaxed learning atmosphere prevails.

Motzstraße 5, 10777 Berlin - Schöneberg | Tel: 216 44 05/54, Fax: 215 44 54 | U2 Nollendorf Platz | Office hours: Mon-Fri 8-20, Sat 9-12.
By its own admission, the Hartnackscule is Berlin's biggest. As you arrive at Nollendorfplatz you may feel you've entered Hartnack World as over the street from the office in Motzstraße stands the school's highrise with its name plastered all over it. All needs and levels are catered for whether you need to pass the university entrance exam or are just looking for a chat. Because the school deals with so many people, refunds are not part of their policy. It is, however, possible to sit in on lessons as a "Guest Pupil" without charge so you can be sure if the course is right before you part with your money.

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