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Extra services offered by Deutsche Post include:

Eigenhändig (Personal Delivery) - The letter or package is delivered directly into the hands of the recipient.

Rückschein (Recorded delivery) - The sender receives notification of the successful delivery of the letter or package. (Costs 3.50 regardless of the size.)

Einschreiben (Registered mail) - The mail is recorded. It costs 4 for mail to be received in person (Übergabeinschreiben) and 3 if the mail is posted in the letter box or Post Office Box (Einwurfeinschreiben).

Transportversicherung (Insured mail) - Your letter or package can be insured depending on the value of the contents.

Express-Service - Money can buy time. You will pay accordingly to how fast you want their legs to move. Most prices will depend on the dimensions of the package and the other services requested.

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