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The Deutsche Post has a monopoly on the delivery of letters. Postal rates are strictly evaluated on the size and weight of the letter.

SizeMinimumMaximumMax. weightMax. thicknessRate
Standard140mm x 90mm235 x 12520g0.5cmDM1.10
Kompakt100 x 70235 x 12550g1cm 2.20
Grossbrief100 x 70353 x 250500g2cm 3.00
Maxibrief100 x 70353 x 2501000g5cm 4.40
Postcards 235 x 125   1.00

It is best to adhere to these guidelines, as if the letter is found to be underpaid, the proposed recipient is asked if they would like to pay the difference. If the payment is not made, the letter will be 'refused'. It can take longer than a month before your letter is returned.

If in doubt, have your letter weighed at the 'Postwertzeichen' counter in the post office and buy the stamp there. Your letters can be mailed directly from the post office. If you choose to assess the postal charge yourself you can apply the appropriate stamp and post your letters in any yellow Deutsche Post postbox. Check the front for collection times. Those with a red dot can have mail collected up to 22.00 and on Sundays.

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