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Postal System
Video Libraries

Although the glossy journalism publications in Germany are not always comparable in content and direction, they all have one thing in common. They insist on producing nastily tacky and sesationalist TV spin-off programmes which usually investigate as far as the underpants. Luckily, the printed page is better.

Der Spiegel

Thorough, resourcful and relevant, Der Spiegel is at the head of its field when it comes to quality investigative journalism. Those needing to be informed but who have no time for star-spangled bikinis will be in good hands.


Accused in the past of being an intellectually inferior read to Der Spiegel. Could be convicted of having more colour than content but plenty of pictures of planet earth (including one in its title) should allay the reader's fears that a completely different world is being discussed.


By employing classic news pictorial approach, Stern keeps its readers coming back every week for more pictures and news of this amazing world that surrounds us. Marvellous. It does, however, have the ability to approach sensitive subject matter like a Mad Cow.

Listing Magazines

Berlin's contibution to saving the rain forests must be put on hold while it continues to churn out an unbelievable number of listings flyers and guides like [030] and Flyer. These freebie pamphlets and mini-mags highlight most club nights or film releases and can be found in most pubs and restaurants.
For a more comprehensive overview of what's going on, there are Tip and Zitty, two fortnightly publications which come out on alternate weeks.


More critically acclaimed than its fortnightly counterpart, it prides itself on its cutting journalism. All you need to know about nightlife or the arts is here as well as a list of classifieds which range from jobs to lonely hearts. Everything is included in the one magazine but it needs a redesign of its layout before it can be classed as user friendly.


Glossier version of Zitty which, although not as thought provoking, is better for those who haven't mastered the language, thanks to its superior presentation. Not as adaptable as Zitty in a toilet paper crisis but better for its sponsors to get their message across. A separate TV guide make the whole package that much more pleasant to use.

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