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Berlin has a multitude of radio stations which cater for a wide spread of listeners. If you seek English language radio, tune your radio to the BBC at 90,2. News bulletins from America are a feature of Rock Star FM at 87,9. Because there is no accounting for personal taste, no other stations will be recommended. Instead, infer what you will from this truly objective summary of Berlin's wireless wonders.

Rock Star FM / Uni Radio 87.9 Rock. News in English from America
Berlin 88 Acht 88.8 Look out for the Tuesday night Chansons programme
Deutschland Radio 89.6 Interesting programmes but little music.
BBC World Service 90.2 For the English speaker, it doesn't get better than this. Music seldom but usually World.
Berliner Rundfunk 91.4 Ex- East Berlin station
Radio Kultur 92.4 Culture and classics
Info Radio 93.1 News
Berlin Aktuell 93.6 93.6 Radio for the new Berlin
94.3 r.s. 2 94.3 Music for people between 5 and 50, not taking taste into account.
Radio Eins 95.8 Quite good music - Rock & Pop. Good features.
Radio Drei 96.3 Some serious classical stuff is played here
Deutschlandfunk 97.7 Good features
98.2 Radio Paradiso 98.2 Knocked by most for its religious background but plays the best easy listening music in Berlin
98.8 Kiss FM 98.8 Pop
Antenne Brandenburg 99.7 German music at its worst.
Hundert, 6 100,6 Berlin city radio at its most typical
Klassik-Radio 101.3 Mainstream classics including film music and musicals
Jazzradio 101.9 101.9 Mainstream & Disney jazz
Fritz 102.6 Worth a try after 6pm. Occasional programmes in English.
Energy 103.4 103.4 For American music fans between 6 and 57
104.6 RTL 104.6 For the same listener bracket as Energy
Spreeradio 105.5 Easy listening for the elderly
RFI 106.0 Excellent French station
SFB 4 Multi Kulti 106.8 Interesting features but top heavy with World Music
BB Radio 107.5 Mainstream Europop

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