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While more and more church buildings in this city find new uses, for example as environmental institutes, in this "new" age of spirituality there is an amazing and growing number of Buddhist centres and Buddhists in Berlin. From the oldest Buddhist centre in Europe to individual scholars who teach aspects of Buddhism (Dharma - the Buddhist teachings) in various centres and Lamas doing the international circuit you can hear everything to feed your mind and learn meditation to clear your mind. Not only Tibetan Buddhism is represented here, but also Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean - with more or less westernised traditions, or actual Korean or Chinese Buddhist communities. All centres offer meditation sessions and talks, some also organise courses, weekend courses, and retreats. Some talks/seminars are held in English as many of the groups originate in Britain or the USA and many English expressions are part of Buddhist vocabulary (e.g. das Retreat). Therefore, if you do not speak German that well, you should generally be able to communicate in English at the centres.

Here we can only present a fragment of the existing centres and organisations. More information can be obtained from BUBB (Buddhismus in Berlin und Brandenburg), who compile regular listings of a number of centres and events: Körtestr.4, 10967
Berlin, tel. 69 40 98 96, and their new website . Other useful sources of information are the websites of the Network of Engaged Buddhists (also in English ), and of the German Buddhist Union (Deutsche Buddhistische Union) (no English).

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