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The city of Berlin is rich in the number and in the kind of churches it has to offer for Christians from other countries. Languages in which congregations hold services include Armenian, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Bulgarian, Greek, Coptic, Macedonian, Roumanian, Russian, Serbian, Syrian, American, Filipino, French, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Croatian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Tamil, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Danish, Finnish, Ghanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, English, and various African languages.

Among the English-language worship services and ministries, the following are offered by established churches which are open to all visitors and which are prepared to become home churches for Christians moving to the German capital.

Some can be explored on the Internet. Others enquiries are best directed to the pastor. Questions which might be asked include:

  • What tradition does the church represent? Denominational or non-denominational. Conservative, evangelical, liberal, or other.
  • What style of worship does the church offer? Liturgical, traditional, contemporary, charismatic, seeker-oriented, or other.
  • Where does the congregation meet on Sundays?
  • Is there free parking, or what is the nearest public transportation?
  • Does the church have home fellowship groups during the week?
  • What ministries are offered for children or youth?
  • Does the church have a women's group?
  • Does the church have a missions program? In what countries?
  • Is the church closely associated with a German union of churches, or is it separate from such a national affiliation?

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