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Buddhistisches Tor Berlin
(Friends of the Western Buddhist Order Berlin)
Hessische Str. 12, Berlin - Mitte | Tel: 28 59 81 39, Fax: no fax | is the international, i.e. English site
While trying to continue the various traditions of Buddhism this movement, founded in 1967 in England, does not adhere to any one particular tradition. It is trying to bring the essence of Buddhist teachings right into the western cultural world.

Buddhistisches Zentrum Berlin
(of the Karma Kagyü Line)
Grunewaldstr. 8, Berlin - Schöneberg | Tel: 78 70 42 13, Fax: no fax |
The Diamond Way Buddhism movement, part of the Tibetan Karma Kagyü Line, founded by Lama Ole Nydahl, also tries to bring the most valuable teachings of Buddha closer to the western world and mind.

Das Buddhistische Haus
Edelhofdamm 54, 13465 Berlin - Frohnau | Tel: 401 55 80, Fax: 401 03 227 |
This house was established in 1924 by a German physician and homeopath who wanted to bring Buddhist philosophy to the West, maybe the first Buddhist centre in Europe, and is now the seat of the German Dhammaduta Society - the Sri Lankan Theravada movement.

Dharmakaya, Schloss Sommerswalde
Buddhist monastery, school and social project
Sommerswalde 8, Tel: 033055 - 708 10, Fax: 033055 - 708 10 |
This centre in the Tibetan Gelug-pa tradition is setting up in the premises of a 19th century "castle" just north of Berlin, providing an ideal location for retreats. Regular talks and meditations are also held in Kreuzberg.

Internationaler Buddhistischer Kulturverein

Ackerstr. 85-86, Berlin - Mitte | Tel: 413 76 21, Fax: no fax |
This movement was founded in 1967 by a Chinese master in Taiwan, teaching "Humanist Buddhism".

Lotus Sangha of European Social Buddhism
Darma Sah Berlin

Hauptstr. 77, Berlin - Schöneberg |
On the basis of Korean Buddhism, this movement was founded in the USA by a Korean master (a woman) who teaches "Social Buddhism for the here and now of the modern western world".

(for English information see )
The Berlin centre of this movement, founded by Sogyal Rinpoche (author of the famous Tibetan Book of Living and Dying) is moving premises at the moment, but information can be obtained from their website.

Zen Zentrum Berlin
(main temple of the Kwan Um Zen School in Germany)
Gottschedstr. 4, Berlin - Wedding |
This school was founded by a Korean Zen master in the West in 1972. The centre offers Zen practices, talks and retreats.

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