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Hardenbergstr 4-5, 10623 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 31 18 80, Fax: no fax | U2 Ernst-Reuter-Platz | Times: Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18.
Berlin's largest bookstore contains a surprisingly ample Judaica section, with a thoughtful selection of books, many in English. The section is stocked and supervised by an independent distributor of Judaica, Micaela Weiss and she brings a practiced eye to the selection. She emphasizes theology and liturgy - you can pick up an English-language Siddur here, for example, if you've left yours at home - but there are also English-language bestsellers, some fiction, and even a few children's books. You'll also find a selection of software: Hebrew language instruction, Talmud exegesis, Torah study, and more.
Elsewhere in Kiepert, there's an English-language department with a solid section on German and Berlin history and the occasional book on some aspect of German Jewry.

Jüdischer Buchvertrieb
c/o Stefan A. Schrader, Frankfurter Tor 4, 10243 Berlin - Friedrichshain | Tel: 588 97 66, Fax: no fax |
This is a mail-order service for Jewish books and calenders (all in German).

Literatur Handlung
Joachimstaler Str. 13, 10719 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 882 42 50, Fax: no fax | U1, U15 Kurfürstendamm | Times: Mon-Fri 9.30-18.30, Sat 9.30-14.
Berlin's only Jewish bookstore. Literatur Handlung - the name means simply Literature Store - is something of an oasis, one of the few places in Berlin one can go and be thoroughly immersed in things Jewish. It's not large, but it's extremely well-stocked and a great browser's bookstore. Open since 1993, this is the latest branch of a store with outlets in Munich and Vienna.
About 10% of the offerings are in English. Strong suits include European Jewish history, books on the Third Reich and Jews under Nazism, and literature (the latter, however, all in German). Just about anything in print on Jewish Berlin can be found here too, but the vast majority, of course, is in German. There´s a good-sized Yiddish section and lots in Hebrew.
If the printed word leaves you cold, you can find plenty of CDs and cassette tapes: Israeli pop, Yiddish and klezmer music, and cantorial singing (including recordings of Berlin's own longstanding cantor, Estrongo Nachama). Literaturhandlung also sells calendars, cards, Jewish newspapers and magazines from Germany and abroad, as well as ritual objects such as mezuzim and kippot. Anything in the store is also available by mail order.

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