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Schreinerstraße 5, 10247 Berlin - Friedrichshain | Tel: 426 09 30 , Fax: no fax | U5 Samariterstraße | Times: 10:00 - 4:00 am
The Offenbar is a hip, slightly dark bar with its own scene. The crowd is a mixture between young-hip-gay-east and an eclectic (including average) group of people. The bar has a hint of seventies flair and isn´t too trendy. A great place for an afternoon Latte. And the Brazilian bar keeper is really nice. They also serve a nice brunch on Sundays.

Ehrenburg Espresso Bar
Karl-Marx-Allee 103a, 10243 Berlin - Friedrichshain | Tel: 4210 5810, Fax: no fax | U5 Weberwiese |
Named after the prolific and multi-facetted Russian writer Ilya Ehrenburg, this manicured little espresso bar in the impressive Karl-Marx-Allee is bathed in an orange glow thanks to some subtle lighting. Set around a square, central bar, where all the expected beverages, as well as fresh fruit juices and sushi are available, its sparse decor is refreshingly free of the usual hard wood furnishings so over-used in Berlin. But what kind of person would you find drinking in a place named after this sceptical, Russian, Jewish, patriotic, cosmopolitan, Stalinist, anti-communist, communist, revolutionary, conformist Ehrenburg chappie? As the man would probably tell you himself... yes.

Wein - Salon
Schreinerstr. 59, 10247 Berlin - Friedrichshain | Tel: 42 01 94 08, Fax: no fax | S Storkower Str./U5 Samariter Str. | Times: 19-open end.
Tucked away on Schreiner Str (parallel to Frankfurter Allee) is this wonderfully unpretentious wine bar. The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff are friendly, and the wine selection is ample. You can choose between comfy sofas or a seat at the bar, or retire to the back room for a game of pool. Theatre performances, readings and concerts are often held next door, sometimes in English.

Elsenstr. 106, 12435 Berlin - Treptow | Tel: 53 69 799, Fax: no fax | S-Bahn Treptower Park | Prices: coffee 2.50, pot of tea 3.00, main courses 14-22 | Open: Mon-Sat. 14-22.00, Sunday from 10 a.m.
The Best Pub in North Treptow: actually, it´s a bit of a con to call this place a pub as it serves more and better food than your usual local and may be too quiet to fit some people´s definition of a pub. But whether you take it as a pub, a cafe or a restaurant, Mambo is a welcome relief in the gastronomic desert of North Treptow, a landscape otherwise consisting of a couple of sub-standard standard ethnic restaurants and well-known fast food outlets. It really is the only interesting place to eat or drink in the area (unless you favour the retro chic of establishments where the prices on the matchboxes are still in East German marks). The decor is the type of thing you find in posher Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg establishments: yellowish walls, tasteful wooden tables, paintings by local artists and late 90s music. The clientele are mainly local and unpretentious and the owners and staff friendly and down-to-earth. The food is a mixture of Middle Eastern, Indian and Thai influences, and while not particularly cheap, good value -- it´s original and well-prepared. They do Sunday brunches too and are open in the afternoons for coffee and ice-cream. All in all, if you live in this area, it´s a life-saver; if you´re visiting the Soviet war memorial or the flea market or heading for Arena, it´s worth dropping by.

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