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Dolmen Club
Schönhauser Allee 6/7, 10178 Berlin - Mitte | Tel: 440 60 26, Fax: no fax | U2 Rosa Luxembourg Platz, N52 | Price: usually DM5-10. | Times: Wed, Fri, Sat at about 23:00.
Situated in the Sean Og cellar, here you will experience a really anglo-celtic club experience combined with very bad German dancing. An army of youths in Murphy's T-Shirts (or was it Guinness) will be happy to serve you with a stuck-on smile, and a host of your fellow German co-patrons will be glad to step on your feet as they attempt to express their emotions to Pulp or Blur. Although not at the cutting edge of the Berlin social scene, you know exactly what you are going to get before you pay your entrance money.

The Old Emerald Isle
Erkelenzdamm 49, 10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 615 6917, Fax: no fax | U1 Kottbusser Tor |
Hidden in a serene corner of Kreuzberg near the canal, this pub can rightly claim to have a warm atmosphere. Although decked with the usual paraphernalia acquired from the Irish Pub Warehouse somewhere outside Glasgow, the fibre glass low beamed ceiling and warm lighting remind you of your childhood when mother would bathe you in a metal tub in front of the fireplace...... Anyway.... the food is excellent and the staff are predominantly Irish so you can´t go too far wrong. The beer garden benefits from its quiet, leafy surroundings and there are plenty of televisions inside for those who seek football beamed over from Blighty.

Irish Pub - Europa Center
Tauentzienstraße , Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 262 16 34 , Fax: no fax | S+U Zoologischer Garten | Times: Daily from noonish.
Advertised as the "Best pub in Berlin" although the claim probably hinges on the definition of "pub". The clientele is half British/Irish and half German and are, supposedly, enchanted by the warm and familiar hospitality of an Irish watering hole. The sheer size of the place dispels this theory, as how anyone can feel a valued customer inside a warehouse (buried under the Europa Center) with all the atmosphere of a battery farm is beyond even the friendly little leprechaun himself.

Sean Og
Schönhauser Allee 6/7, 10178 Berlin - Mitte | Tel: 440 60 30, Fax: no fax | U2 Rosa Luxembourg Platz, N52 | Prices: check books at the ready. | Open daily.
This place is huge. Don´t leave it until the last minute before you look for the toilet as many a man has perished on the way. It employs the usual Irish pub tactic of welcoming you in with a big Irish handshake and then bleeding you dry with their suspiciously friendly waitress service. The waitresses continually tolerate all sorts of playful banter from the clientele so you may have to insult their families before you see their smiles crack. Normally a large tip would be an appropriate gesture to these kind hearted lasses but because they have just systematically emptied your wallet since you arrived (not helped by the price of the drinks), you really can´t justify the extra expenditure.

The Black Swan - English Pub
Leibnizstrstr. 81, 10625 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 31 80 62 98, Fax: no fax | U2 Deutsche Oper, U7 Wilmersdorfer Str, Busses 101, 149 | Times: Mon-Fri 17.00 - Open End, Sat-Sun 12.00 - Open End
When you visit the Black Swan, the first thing that strikes you is that customers are treated to an authentic slice of English Pub culture. The English beer, breakfast, pub grub including Fish and Chips, live football, E. Darts, beer garden and friendly service are all part of the experience. An excellent selection of draught beers and foreign brews are offered: John Smiths, Grolsch, Beamish, Newcastle Brown Ale, Schultheiss, Strongbow Cider and Jever. Bottled beers range from Old Peculiar to Hooch, so choose one to suit your mood. The Black Swan is graced with a full kitchen and parties are catered for on request. The atmosphere is friendly and the customer base tends to be 25 upwards to 50 somethings who fill the beer garden on warm summer evenings.

The Oscar Wilde
Friedrichstr. 112a, Tel: 282 81 66, Fax: no fax | U6 Oranienburger Tor | Times: Sun-Thu 11.00-2.00, Fri-Sat 11.00-3.00
The Oscar Wilde's golden 'money-making' era of the mid-nineties when the pub was bursting at the seams with British building workers appears to be over. With the near completion of the Potsdamer Platz, Government worker accommodation and other gigantic developments, the pub has settled back to near normality. The Oscar Wilde's big screen in the back room still attracts hordes of British, Irish and German football fans when the English Premiership's big guns meet to do battle. The red hot atmosphere whitens when Manchester United play the likes of Liverpool, Newcastle or Arsenal and emotions run high. Beer flows more freely than the River Spree here, even though prices are relatively high with a real pint of Caffrey's setting you back 7.30 . Irish Stew, Irish breakfasts and traditional English meals are devoured with a long lost love and are personally served by young and friendly bar-maids. Friday evening is 'live band' and Karaoke night when the drunk and the brave do their Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley impersonations. Despite numerous Irish pubs springing up all over Berlin since the fall of the wall, this one remains at the top end of the Brit/Irish social scene.

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