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Skalitzer Str. 64, 10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 612 43 88, Fax: no fax | U1/U15 Schlesisches Tor | Times: Mon-Sat 10am-3am, Sun 11am-3am.
Truth in labelling, and, thus, no pretentions. Poseurs go elsewhere, and the neighborhood meets here to hang and talk, often with kids in tow. Nice outdoor tables on the sidewalk in summer.

Bateau Ivre
Oranienstr. 18, 10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg | U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof/Kottbusser Tor, Bus 129, N29 | Times: Daily 9 a.m., open end.
A nice enough bistro nicely located on the corner of Heinrichplatz with the seats outside taking part in the village green type community in the middle of Oranienstraße. Due to a lack of willing accordionists, the proprietor seems content to convey the frenchness of his establishment by wallpapering the brick walled toilets with French cosmetics advertisements of yesteryear. There is, of course, wine on the menu. The breakfast and snack menu passes the baton to its night owl (and rather Spanish sounding) colleague, the Tapas menu, around about 4pm. Patrons on bicycles (laden with onions) wearing stripy T-shirts and berets can, presumably, drink for free.

Bellman Bar
Reichenberger Str. 103 , 10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 61 28 03 34 , Fax: no fax | U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof, Bus 129 | Times: daily from 17:00
The deliberately neglected decor combined with the discrete but professional service create a rather charming atmosphere in which to sip slowly on a glass of wine chosen from the ample wine list. Chess is played and theatre discussed by a slightly more mature clientele while the bow-tied barman polishes glasses to the music of Gainsbourg or the like. The cream of carrot soup is a highlight on the reasonably priced menu.

Oranienstrasse 183, Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 615 31 22, Fax: no fax | U1, U8 Kottbusser Tor | Times: daily from 14:00
Another popular spot on the Oranienstr. crawl, Bierhimmel makes a great meeting point before a night out. Up front is a more subdued, well lit cafe with a wide selection of beers, cakes and 1.50DM espresso shots; in back is the intimate 'Love Lounge´ cocktail bar with low lights and cozy booths.

Cafe Adler
Friedrichstr. 206, 10969 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 251 89 65, Fax: no fax | U6 Kochstr | Times: open daily 9am-midnight.
Not only the best place to put your feet up after doing Checkpoint Charlie , but a relaxing sort of place to hang out and read. Tourist-friendly, of course, and often with a curious cadre of Canadians in the kitchen and behind the bar.

The Old Emerald Isle
Erkelenzdamm 49, 10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 615 6917, Fax: no fax | U1 Kottbusser Tor |
Hidden in a serene corner of Kreuzberg near the canal, this pub can rightly claim to have a warm atmosphere. Although decked with the usual paraphernalia acquired from the Irish Pub Warehouse somewhere outside Glasgow, the fibre glass low beamed ceiling and warm lighting remind you of your childhood when mother would bathe you in a metal tub in front of the fireplace...... Anyway.... the food is excellent and the staff are predominantly Irish so you can´t go too far wrong. The beer garden benefits from its quiet, leafy surroundings and there are plenty of televisions inside for those who seek football beamed over from Blighty.

Dudenstr. 48-64, 10965 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 785 24 53, Fax: no fax | U6 Platz der Luftbruecke, U7 + S-Bhf Yorckstr., Busses: 104, 119, N4, N19 | Times: Open every evening till late
The Golgatha is beautifully and physically situated in the Viktoria Park on the Kreuzberg itself. The bar is massively expanded during the summer months when benches and long tables are placed outside to form a Beer Garden for 2000 thirsty guests. On warm summer evenings the garden fills to capacity and smoke soon drifts across from the barbeque where a variety of meats are being grilled. A disco beats from within the building where dancers dance the night away. Fortunately, the Golgatha's location is isolated enough to avoid annoying its neighbours. This is a bar to visit with a small group of friends as its size and noise volume can be a little overpowering for a couple wanting a quiet evening out.

Arndtstr. 25, 10965 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 691 13 52, Fax: no fax | U6+U7 Mehringdamm | Times: from 20:00 Tue-Sun
A fashionable place to see and be seen, this bar also serves exceptionally well mixed cocktails. If the martinis and daiquiris (original, not frozen) make you hungry there's a sushi bar in the back room.

Wiener Str. 69, 10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 611 23 88, Fax: no fax | U Görlitzer Bahnhof, N 29 | Times: weekdays till 1 am, weekends till late.
A rather confusing eatery-come-bar on the corner point of two streets. The name Hannibal stirs images of that African chap with the elephants or the cigar biting leader of the A-Team. Instead the proprietors have chosen a crocodile as the establishment's emblem and have seen it fit so to decorate the interior with ceiling-suspended papier-mâché sharks and fish. An impressive selection of drinks and food is available but you may find buying your own brewery a quicker way to come by a glass of beer. Whoever chooses which CD to play does a good job, though.

Adalbertstr. 81, 10997 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 615 47 26, Fax: no fax | U1/U15, U8 Kottbusser Tor | Times: open daily 2pm-late.
Old-time Kreuzberg hangout with biker flair, but few motorcycling miscreants in evidence. Few yodellers, either, thank heaven, the name notwithstanding.

Madonna Bar
Wiener Str. 22, 10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 611 69 43 , Fax: no fax | U1/U15/U8 Kottbusser Tor | Times: open daily 1pm-late | Cards: are you kidding?
Grungy, funky, semi-depressing essence of Kreuzberg here, with sufficient regulars to make it an institution, albeit one which has miraculously avoided seeming dated. Live unplugged music (free) Weds in winter.

Bergmannstr. 12, 10961 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 692 23 03, Fax: no fax | U7 Gneisenaustr. | Times: Mon-Thu 9am-1am, Fri & Sat 9am-2am, Sun 10am-1am.
A non-smoking section in a Berlin cafe? That's right! In good weather, there are also tables outside, and the menu is surprisingly good for a bar: we particularly recommend the pizzas. A perfect place for a break while shopping Bergmannstr., as well as a good start to an evening's pub-crawl.

Roses Bar
Oranienstrasse 187, Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 615 65 70, Fax: no fax | U1, U8 Kottbusser Tor | Times: daily 21:30-5:00
Not simply satisfied with plastic flowers, pop art Virgin Marys and other such bric-a-brac, if the decor doesn´t glitter, sparkle, blink or flash at you, you´re not in Rose´s. This classic Kreuzberg bar has taken Kitsch to a higher level. A lively, mixed and unusual crowd packs the two rooms chattering over the sound of classic house tunes. A popular stop before, after or during a night at the So36.

Yorckstr. 15, 10965 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 215 80 70, Fax: no fax | U1, U2 Yorckstr. | Times: open daily 9am-3am
A hundred-year-old pub festooned with posters and memorabilia from its long career as a venue for crowd-pleasing trad jazz and blues. And we do mean crowd: the Saturday night (and, in winter, Wednesday night) sessions and the Sunday afternoon jazz shows are packed to the gills.

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